"Tales From Saligia" animated series
This series was a university project intended as a social commentary on society using the medieval concept of the seven deadly sins as a basis for the commentary. I took the general Idea of the sins being anger, envy, gluttony, lust, pride, sloth, and greed and assigned them to issues in contemporary society. The title "Saligia" comes from the first letters of the latin names for the seven deadly sins. I apologise in advance for the quality lost in compression.
"KeepingUp" (Pride)
"The Fish" (Greed)
"Beauty" (Lust)
"Conflict" (Envy)
"Waste" (Gluttony)
"Justice" (Wrath)
"Care" (Sloth)
The Westons are so proud of their wealth that they horde it over their neighbours, the eastons, who are forced to keep up with their status by becoming like them.
Two children fight for control of two fish that are the most sort after commodity on the planet.  
The sexualisation in advertising causes unforeseen consequences. 
The birds are envious of the monkeys and so begin a war to have what they have, the monkeys are of course forced to retaliate.   
The main character is addicted to over consumption that causes dire consequences.  
Someone causes the death of someone else by accident which causes the other characters to seek revenge at all costs.
The world is so apathetic that no one comes to help someone whose house is burning down.