On this page you will find most of the design work I have done for Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards Western Australia and the National competition. I am currently the National Art Director and as Art Director I am responsible for such things as document layouts, logo's, flyers, posters and other promotional materials just to name a few. There are some logo's on here that I did not create and take no credit for them such as the National AATFA and APEX logos and the logos attached to the advertisements and posters but the layouts are mine.
This logo was created for the 21st anniversary of AAFTA WA with the theme of "Opening Doors to Opportunities"
These logos were created for each of the Australian States AATFA committees. The tag line for the States is "At The Cutting Edge of Youth Potential" 
These are the cover artworks done for the various event programmes from the Western Australia Finals as well as the National Final
This was a promotional advertisement that went into the Sunday Times Newspaper advertising for students to enter the competition
These are just some of the promotional posters used between 2009 and 2014 
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